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  • "This hotel is the most beautiful place in earth!"

    During the night, go to one of the many docks and watch
    the stars. We counted satellites, falling stars,...

  • "This hotel is the most beautiful place in earth!"

    During the night, go to one of the many docks and watch
    the stars. We counted satellites, falling stars,...

  • "This hotel is the most beautiful place in earth!"

    During the night, go to one of the many docks and watch
    the stars. We counted satellites, falling stars,...



Only 20 minutes away from the airport. For over 30 years, Hotel Gringo Perdido has been the hidden gem of Guatemalan tourism. A tranquil, ecological paradise located off the quiet shores of Lago del Petén Itzá in El Remate, Petén, Guatemala.

Gringo Perdido is an ideal place to get in touch with nature, appreciate and learn about Guatemalan culture and visit many of the breathtaking archeological sites of great international prestige.

We are one of the only hotels in the region to be located inside a national biotope, with 5 docks to access the lake and world class meals. Come take a swim in the pristine warm waters of Lake Peten Itza and enjoy the many amenities of the hotel and the local trips and sightseeing tours.

We offer free wifi in the restaurant area.



Born just a few years ago, a luxurious new boutique hotel that shares the lakefront with Gringo Perdido.

Piramide Paraiso has 8 deluxe rooms featuring large private patio with jacuzzi, air conditioning, large-screen cable TV and jacuzzi bathtub with double showers.

If you stay in Piramide Paraiso you can enjoy all of the amenities that Gringo Perdido has to offer, but with an upgraded room.





$85 per person per night with Dinner and Breakfast included

The deluxe, oversized rooms of Piramide Paraiso each have either one king bed or two queen beds. For your comfort and enjoyment, every room has air conditioning, wi-fi for internet connection, and a large screen cable television. Spend mornings or evenings relaxing on a large private patio, which has a 4-person jacuzzi, ceiling fans a lounge and dining area. A luxurious bathroom completes your ideal vacation with hot water in a jacuzzi tub with double showers.



    • ROOMS


      Our original rooms. Each room is comes equipped with 1 to 4 beds, private bathroom with hot water, clean sheets, towels, air fan, a small desk and some shelves to set up your belongings. All of the rooms have a small living space with chairs and a table for you to enjoy the view. And if you want privacy, you can just pull down on the courtains and sleep till noon. Price per person is $50 with dinner and breakfast included.


    • ROOMS


      Sleep in a beautiful lakefront room, with open spaces. Each room has a combination of bunk beds and a double bed. All of the rooms are equipped with a hammock, mosquito net, clean sheets, clean towels, shared (very clean) bathrooms and straight access to the lake. For 1 to 4 people per room. All of the rooms have access to power outlets.



      Our campground is huge. Spacious, with areas for bonfires, three large palapas for picnics or camping washrooms. Yes, our camping has showers.

      There is also a small sweat lodge for use by hotel guests, and a ceiba tree where Mayan ceremonies are held. If you have a car, camper, bus or Winnebago you can easily park here. Here its just you and nature. If you stay here, of course you can use all of the hotel amenities, and you are more than welcome to visit our restaurant, with traditional home cooked plates.

      Enoy our camping for just $5 per person per night in the campgrounds.


If you would like to waken to the songs of a myriad of jungle birds,
the aroma of green rainforest and this view of Lake Peten Itza.

You can also call us at (502) 5804-8639


Gringo Perdido and Piramide Paraiso offer some of the best food in Guatemala.

  • Watch your tortillas made in front of you as you enjoy your breakfast and dinner in an open-air dining room,
    featuring a healthy International menu with Guatemalan overtones. Vegetarian, Vegan and Paleo meals available.

  • The spacious dining room area is perfect for parties of any size including seminars,
    student groups, family reunions, and wedding parties.

  • Our bread is baked daily, using a unique recipe.
    You have never tried bread like this.

  • Dine in the jungle overlooking a breathtaking view of the lake ... Priceless


Whether you are passing through or staying for a week… Whether you are coming for a romantic
getaway, backpacking the Americas, traveling with a student group, or celebrating a wedding…
There is something for everyone here at Hotel Gringo Perdido

With Tikal only 25 minutes away and Yaxha, Uaxactun and many other breathtaking Mayan cites minutes away, when you stay with us, you stay at the hub of Mayan civilization. Daytrips are always an option.

Kayak, swim, play or relax in the crystal-clear, warm blue water of Lake Peten Itza.

Voted as one of the most incredible triathlons in the world, for over 30 years we have been the official sponsors of the HOMBREMAYA event. Hosting over 300 athletes each year. You need to come and participate. Check out more info at the official website.

A favorite spot to chill out and unwind, we have been visited by yogis from all over the world.

Only 10 minutes away by foot, you can journey deep into the jungle in the Biotope Cerro Cahuí. There you can trek for hours and reach hilltop views of the lake and surrounding areas.

Gringo Perdido can make all the arrangements for an excursion to the charming, Spanish-style island community of Flores (City of Flowers), built on the ruins of the ancient Mayan city of Nojpeten, which was finally conquered by the Spanish in 1697, this making it the second oldest continuously-inhabited settlement in the Americas. While here, enjoy a boat trip on one of the lanchas that you will find around the shores of the island wich will take you to visit the Petencito Zoo, an island museum and a lookout point that gives a breathtaking view of the entire end of the lake. Enjoy a lunch or dinner of fresh lake Whitefish in one of many likeside restaurants, and browse through the shops for unique Mayan handcrafts.



Through the support of volunteers and donators, Project Ix-canaan has worked for over 20 years to support Health, Education and Opportunity for the people of the Guatemalan rainforest.

With your help, Project Ix-canaan offers the services of

  • A free Medical Clinic,
  • a Library with an After-School Program,
  • A Computer Centre with a Homework Program,
  • A Dental Clinic that has a monthly outreach program in local schools,
  • A scholarship program that is providing an education to more than 35 students
  • 4 Women's Groups, based on Self-Development and Family Nutrition through a program of Square Foot Gardening
  • And all of this is accomplished on only $600 per month!!


of $6,600 for the next year of operational expenses for Project Ix-canaan.

If you would like to volunteer with students, children or the Women's Group, please contact Gringo Perdido.